6 Reasons To See An Esthetician For Facials

The Internet is a great tool to provide an almost endless supply of information on skin care. Because of this, many, even some Internet beauty gurus, believe they are making informed choices that may actually not be accurate. Now your bathroom is filled with products you got based on Internet recommendations and reviews.

While I strongly encourage everyone to practice a good skin care routine, I also caution people to not believe everything on the Internet. When it comes to skin, don’t take a chance on opinions, product junkies, and advertisements disguised as articles. Instead, go right to experienced and licensed experts. See a dermatologist for chronic skin diseases and quick fixes and see an experienced esthetician for long-term maintenance of healthy skin. Because an esthetician will usually spend more time with you, see you more often and have more close contact with your skin, they can accurately monitor changes in your skin and address these evolving needs. An esthetician can help you understand your skin’s reactions to either hormones, products or your environment.

Because of this, instead of what people may think as unnecessary luxuries for pampering or only for special occasions, facials are important to help bring skin into balance and much more….

  1. Proactive Skin Assessments - Many people use the Internet for skin advice and end up with self- misdiagnoses to make things worse. A good esthetician can notice changes in your skin condition and help you treat them before they cause long-term harm to skin and become harder to fix.
  1. Your skin may not be as clean as you think - Yes, you may be using your cleaning brush, scrubs, masks and acids, but think about this. Why do you still need to go to the dentist at least a couple times of year if you are already brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day? A trained professional can SAFELY give your skin and pores a deep clean for healthy skin that allows your products to achieve peak performance.
  1. More than products - Getting a facial is more than just about getting products applied on your face. Beyond making you feel extra pampered, the massages that you get with many facials are usually meant to help drain waste from your lymph system. This is important because toxins can accumulate when life happens in the form of stress, lack of sleep, an imbalanced diet and even improper skin care.
  1. Beyond the chain store beauty counter - While it’s fun to shop at the beauty chain stores or counters and walk through aspirational images and beautiful packaging of designer beauty brands, think carefully when taking recommendations from salespeople mainly trained on product sales points as opposed to the science of skin. On the other hand, a knowledgeable esthetician is able to provide much more personalized home care recommendations after closely examining it, treating it, as well as provide any adjustments needed to address changes - whether from external or internal factors.
  1. Professional strength - There’s a reason some products are only allowed for professional use. They require the right education to administer without doing harm to kick-start your skin to results beyond what counter or home care can do.
  1. Consistency is key - While many can see an instant glow and feel smoother skin, big results won’t happen overnight. Think of how your body responds when working out at the gym. Best results come with regular visits and unless otherwise specified, I recommend coming to see us for treatments every four to six weeks.


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