Kjaer Weis Organic & Natural Makeup / NEW Lip & Eye Pencils First Impressions, Swatches, Demo + Review

See what happens when you contact some clients & friends to experience new makeup products you just got in for the first time together and film an impromptu video of it. 


The video shows how each color from the new Kjaer Weis Natural & Organic Cosmetics Lip & Eye Pencils collection looks on and as swatches. Plus, we put this luxury natural and organic makeup to the test out on the town. How will these products wear and look by the end of the night? Can safe, natural ingredients result in high performance & wear? Watch the video to find out. For more details on these products including prices and complete ingredient list, please visit houseofvartan.com. Please like, subscribe, and comment for other videos you may like to see. I will get the audio situation fixed next time.

Disclaimer: Rachel was not paid for her review & although I do sell these products on houseofvartan.com, it did not influence the verdicts which were purely based on Rachel's results. Thank you for watching and as always, for your kind support!




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