Radiant Makeup How-To: Full Face Day Look w/ Mature Skin Foundation Tips & Tricks for Aging Eyes

While many can find this makeup lesson useful, if you have noticed your face, features or skin changing as you age, have found that doing your makeup the same way does not work, or makeup has been just plain challenging, you will find the tips and tricks in this makeup tutorial extra useful.

Learn the basics of a luminous day makeup look from a professional makeup artist with techniques that can work on just about anyone. Packed with plenty of advice for how to create radiant skin for a day makeup look for "over 40 skin" including techniques on using highlighter for a natural glow and foundation for mature skin. Learn easy makeup tips and tricks for aging eyes as well as brow and lip color techniques. Allow me to be your personal makeup expert in this private makeup lesson that I hope will inspire you to experiment and explore. 


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