House of Vartan is proud to be the exclusive Seattle partner for Jul et Mad Paris and the first in the West  Coast to offer this exquisite collection to you.

This exceptional "Haute Parfumerie" house celebrates and practices the French "savoir-faire" know how with artistic refinement and absolute luxury.  Jul et Mad is an authentic, anti-mass perfume brand where rarity and costs are no barrier, thus offering you, the wearer, a unique experience.

The Formula - Each fragrance of the collection is an "Extrait de Parfum".  Every formulation has the highest perfume concentration, in accordance with industry standards and certified by the current international cosmetic laws and legislation

Perfume without compromise - Internationally renowned perfumers, pure essential oils, natural ingredients, and rare absolutes One of the most original, refined and elegant presentation crafted by French artisans, JUL ET MAD Paris is entirely developed "in-house" by founders, Julian and Madalina.  Each olfactory composition is the fruit of an extremely tight partnership with French craftsmen and artisan companies specialized in the art of traditional perfumery.

The Concept - The fortunate and unexpected encounter on the streets of Paris brought together no only two people, but also two cultures, two continents, two passions, two souls.  The Art of Perfumery became the scene where a beautiful and extraordinary "Histoire d'Amour" is revealed: the very true story and experiences of the two founders, Julien and Madalina.