John Pegg, Kerosene's founder, first learned to paint and wrench motorcycles to distance himself from the automobile factories of Detroit. He loved the scent of dirt, grease, and oil as he worked.  Eventually, the name Kerosene grew from scents such as gasoline, stamped steel, plastic, trees and earth that captivated him.  

His love for scents grew into a need to create something special.  His goal for scents would always be something raw, unique and approachable with bottle designs to match his scent vision.  As he put his painting talents to work, he realized that his factory background came in good use.  Each unique bottle was painted with high-quality automotive paint and clearcoat.  Think of a shiny, classic metallic Ford colliding with perfume as songs by The Cure peak out of a clunky 8-track player.

Since Michigan is frigid about seven months of the year, John is naturally attracted to warm notes such as amber, woods, and spices which tend to make their way into what he does.  

Beautiful and gritty, complex and inviting, all at the same time.

Kerosene is your invitation to "smell unique."

House of Vartan is delighted to the exclusive partner for Kerosene in Seattle and tthe first in the Northwest to bring this fine collection to you.