House of Vartan is the exclusive Seattle partner for Mendittorosa and first in the West Coast to offer the entire Mendittorosa collection to you. Stefania Squeglia designed these artisan perfumes based on her memories as a young girl in Naples. Each fragrance has a specific meaning, a distinct personality, and a special story.  Today, the uncompromising creations within the Mendittorosa line bear testament to the rich and wild depths of her heart's inspiration as well as her appreciation for the incomparable craftsmanship of her native Italy.  

These fragrances do not come from corporate marketing committees but stem from true artistic passion and expert techniques. The differences continue, as the Mendittorosa woman or man appreciates - The finest raw materials processed in a small Italian laboratory / Absolutes and essences from the Grasse region of France /The highest concentration of Eau de Parfum: extrait / Interchangeable fragrances designed to be worn alone or layered / Small batch production with limited edition, artisan designs / Unique packaging design including signs and symbols to offer inspiration to the wearer


Bespoke Packaging & Italian Craftsmanship

From fabric cutting to buttonhole finishing, tailoring has an illustrious tradition in Stefania'a native Naples where many of the world's finest suits take up to one hundred hours of handwork to create.

Inspired by the impeccable craftsmanship she grew up around, for Mendittorosa odori d'anima, Stefania decided to eschew the market logic that prioritizes quantity over quality in order to have her products crafted by all Italian hands. The result is a line of exceptional objects featuring sculptural keepsakes, metallic detailing and distinguishing characteristics that will delight and be prized for years to come.