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At once, smoother, firmer with a more luminous tone. Lex & Jong Skin Science™ takes a different approach to skincare. Using long-term, proven scientific data to help give your skin qualities healthy skin has at its best, we believe in strengthening it and addressing inflammation (that leads to faster visible aging) instead of doing the opposite with the common skin care approach of compound exfoliation.

Lex & Jong Skin Science™ is developed in collaboration with a team of experienced skin experts, including dermatologists & estheticians, who work daily with clients. You can trust that we know skin and know what it takes to give sustained results. 


Since over 80% of visible skin damage comes from the sun and environmental factors, when it comes to skin health, we place important scientific focus on the major dermatological causes and symptoms of this damage. Lex & Jong Skin Science™ provides you with a comprehensive approach to help combat and repair the ravages of the world on your skin with important antioxidants, highest levels of ultra-stable, broad-spectrum sun protection as well as anti-inflammation skin strengtheners to effectively prevent transepidermal water loss and improve skin's crucial natural moisturizing factor. 


We realize that while more people are reading product ingredients, many may not be aware that just because a product contains a certain ingredient does not mean it contains high-quality versions of the ingredient or the proper concentrations (which does not translate to highest) for it to work for skin.  Even if it does, due to stability factors, many are not effective. We solved the common issue of ingredient degradation experienced with many products that render them ineffective on skin with patented stabilizers and multi-pathway delivery systems to make our formulas even more potent and truly effective for your skin.


While most medications people take are synthetic, when it comes to purchasing cosmetics, many want to find what is most "natural." We completely understand that it may be comforting to see an ingredient you can pronounce and believe is safe because it is "natural". "Natural" is in quotes here because everything on this planet is made up of chemicals. The fact is, many naturally-derived ingredients in today's skincare can contain a lot more chemicals than their synthetic counterparts. Many tend to be a mixture of complex chemicals that also involve a lot of variation and difficult to standardize in skincare products. What's more, many plants in nature have evolved to defend themselves, and many naturally-derived ingredients used in skincare can often be volatile skin sensitizers that can cause more harm than good. The more you use these sensitizers, the more your skin is stressed by these foreign, irritating natural chemicals resulting in underlying inflammation.  

By no means are we saying all naturally-derived ingredients are harmful. In fact, just as there are many synthetic ingredients that are beneficial, there are many naturally-derived ingredients that are also beneficial for skin. However, one cannot judge whether a product is good or safe merely by the fact that it's "all-natural." Achieving ultimate skin health means using proven effective ingredients while not including ingredients with high allergen potential that may lead to impaired, weaken skin or dermatitis. While you may not react for a long time, as skin experts, we have seen that the long-term problems these can cause once these reactions develop are not worth it. The ingredients with high irritancy potential include but are not limited to

  • Essential oils
  • Plant oils including anything citrus (bergamot, grapefruit, lemon), eucalyptus, mint, menthol, or those with strong fragrances like lavender, rose, ylang-ylang and more
  • Fragrances (natural, artificial or masking)
  • Alcohol Denat/SD Alcohol
  • Dyes
  • Metals such as gold 
  • Sulfates
  • Witch hazel 

So much information is available at our fingertips today. However, there's also a lot of misinformation that many take as facts when they shop for beauty products. Experienced scientists have said even they are not comfortable doing this based exclusively on random internet information, and there's a reason most dermatologists recommend synthetic products when it comes to treating sensitive skin. If you are still in doubt, we urge you to look to independent scientific research reports over marketing claims from brands, influencers, and special interest groups. 


Our skin is our largest and rather miraculous organ. It's never too late to get started on a good regime. Give it its best care now, and your skin will thank you years from now. 

Lex & Jong Skin Science™ does not perform animal testing at any stage nor do any of our sources. Our products made in the USA in a strict FDA-registered facility and are Gluten-free & Paraben-free.


Lex & Jong Skin Science™ is available at House of Vartan, Seattle or ONLINE HERE