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The number of people with sensitive and sensitized skin continues to increase significantly according to the Journal of Dermatology, and many times, skincare products are at the root of these problems. Because of the trend in fast beauty, many brands are launching more products that encourage compound exfoliation and DIY mixing of ingredients. As a result, many people have skin that is inflamed and breaking down underneath the surface with the potential to cause hard-to-fix problems long-term without even knowing it.



To offer even the most compromised skin the qualities of healthy skin - at once smoother, stronger with a calmer, more luminous tone. Lex & Jong Skin Science takes a different approach to skincare by strengthening it and addressing inflammation (that leads to faster visible aging) instead of doing the opposite with the common skincare approach of compound exfoliation.

Lex & Jong is developed in collaboration with a team of experienced skin experts, including dermatologists & estheticians, who work daily with clients. You can trust that we know skin and know what it takes to give sustained results. 



When reading product ingredients lists, many may not be aware that just because a product contains a certain ingredient does not mean it contains high-quality versions of the ingredient or the proper concentrations (which does not translate to highest) for it to work for the skin.  Even if it does, due to stability factors and pH concerns, many are simply not effective for skin. We use many ingredients proven by scientific research to provide visible, sustainable, and effective results. Lex and Jong also solved the common issue of ingredient degradation experienced with many products that render them ineffective on skin with patented stabilizers and multi-pathway delivery systems to make our formulas even more potent and truly effective for your skin.



We want you to feel safe knowing our products free of many commonly proven allergens, irritants, and pore-blockers. We don't use the terms hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic because those are not regulated terms used loosely by cosmetic companies for marketing. Some may be wondering why our skincare is not "all-natural" when so many perceive "natural" ingredients to be safer and better. "Natural" and "clean" are also unregulated marketing terms, and "natural" is in quotes here because everything on this planet is made up of chemicals - some more harmful than their synthetic counterparts. 

We are very picky about which naturally-derived ingredients we include. Achieving ultimate skin health means using effective ingredients while not including ingredients and concentrations with high allergen potential that can lead to impaired, weaken skin or dermatitis. While you may not react for a long time, as skin experts, we have seen that the long-term problems these can cause are not worth it. The ingredients with high irritancy potential include but are not limited to

  • Essential oils
  • Plant oils including eucalyptus, mint, menthol, or those with strong fragrances like lavender, rose, ylang-ylang, and more
  • Fragrances (naturally-derived, artificial, or masking)
  • Alcohol Denat/SD Alcohol
  • Dyes
  • Metals such as gold 
  • Sulfates
  • Witch hazel 
  • ...and more

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See and feel the significant results this new approach to skincare can provide - now and years from now.

With quality vegan options for both skincare and upcoming makeup cosmetics. Lex and Jong has been certified by Leaping Bunny to be 100% cruelty-free with no animal testing from our ingredient sources to the last stage of development.

The Lex and Jong range of

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