Natalie, a project of love for Natalie Wood's daughter, Natasha Gregson Wagner, is a way of remembering her mother's legacy and celebrating her legendary life through her favorite scent.

In 1946, Natalie appeared in the comedy The Bride Wore Boots, playing the daughter of screen legend Barbara Stanwyck. Natalie Stanwyck's signature scent was gardenia - sumptuous, floral, yet distinctively sexy - it was considered the most exotic fragrance in the world.

When Natalie complimented her on her fragrance, Barbara sent her young co-star a bottle of her gardenia perfume as a gift. When Natalie was old enough to wear it, she adopted gardenia as her signature scent as well. When others complimented her on her fragrance, Natalie remembered Barbara's generosity and sent them a bottle.

Natalie, the fragrance, evokes the story of the perfume she wore her entire life and shared with her friends and family. The Natalie bottle, autographed with Wood's signature, is angular, crystalline, and weighty, with an Art Deco sensibility. Built on natural ingredients, this fragrance represents someone with grace, generosity, beauty, and joy for life. To Natasha, her daughter, it represents comfort and love.

Natalie Wood gave the world more than just her films—her beauty, artistry, talent, and compassion still live on. Today, Natasha and Courtney carry on their mother’s legacy with “Natalie” the fragrance, and by partnering with CoachArt, an organization that teaches art and athletics to chronically ill children. The two most important causes to Natalie were children and the arts: she served as a spokesperson for the National Children’s Day Council, worked to promote child safety, donated a collection of ancient art to UCLA, and established a performing arts endowment for college students. In her honor, a portion of all proceeds from the fragrance will be donated to CoachArt.

House of Vartan is delighted to be the first in the Northwest to bring this fine collection to you.