Tom Ford fragrance signature and private blend collection


Each of the Tom Ford fragrances has been inspired by fragrance’s glamorous past – when the world’s most expensive and precious ingredients were used to create fragrances of supreme sophistication and luxury. Mirroring fashion, Tom Ford fragrance ‘collections’ are inspired by a specific theme.

Tom Ford believes that men and women can wear any of his fragrances, following the tradition in perfumery of blurred gender lines. He knows a good percentage of Black Orchid wearers are men and some women also wear his Grey Vetiver. Fragrance is a personal statement of who you are and also reflects most personally on your individual style as it interplays with your unique chemistry. Tom Ford, himself, prefers stronger fragrances and does not think twice about layering different ones together. In fact, he suggests this as a new way of wearing fragrances as it works to create more depth of scent throughout the day.  

So important is fragrance, that Ford has said it might be more important than clothes. Because fragrance is so important to stimulate feelings, emotions, and memories, it is truly something he is drawn to creatively.


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