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Never underestimate the power of amazing brows. Besides framing the eyes, they can convey a variety of emotions and add undeniable character to the face. 

A reason we don't call our service just waxing or threading is that achieving your best brows involves more than just removing stray hair. It involves knowing the type of brows that perfectly work with your face shape and features. Drawing upon 20 years of experience, our brow service involves more than waxing. Too much pulls the skin, threading breaks the hair (plus not the most sanitary method), and neither is precise. We are experts at brow shaping and this also involves detailed mapping, trimming, and tweezing for your absolute best lift and expressions.


First Brow Shape & Design Session $35
Brow Shape Maintenance $30

(book no more than 6 weeks after first brow appointment)



Lip Wax $20

Chin Wax $20


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