Brendan Vartan

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Brendan Vartan has worked in the professional beauty industry for more than 20 years. Inspired by his skin & hair issues throughout his teens and early twenties, he researched and applied what he learned to solve his concerns and became a cosmetologist (licensed practitioner in skin, hair, and nails) so he can help others find confidence in their beauty.

His makeup skills were honed when the late, great celebrity makeup artist, Paul Starr (whose clients included Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Britney Spears, Rachel Weisz, and Reese Witherspoon among many others), saw something special in Brendan's work and started to mentor him on work assignments. While Brendan has worked with many celebrities because of this, he is careful to not emphasize this. He believes celebrities' skin and beauty concerns (beyond their lifestyles) are not much different from ours and finds the most joy in helping people from all walks of life see their best selves (and at times, different sides of themselves) when they look in the mirror.

It was from this desire to truly help people through beauty that he founded House of Vartan. Products and services were not selected for how trendy they were, but for the results they have achieved from hands-on work with clients. He wanted a place that housed everything he believed in...a placed built on trust, where things are done with passion from the heart with the needs of his valued clients and friends in mind. 



Ash Bonelli

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Ash Bonelli has been helping other people heal themselves for most of her life. Starting with a simple reflexology chart she used to help her parents headaches at age 12, to then finishing school to land a 14-year career in massage therapy, to then studying yoga, meditation, and all things holistically healing. 

Now she has become a Master Aesthetician which is allowing her to marry all of her skills with a love of beauty. She wishes to empower others through healing touch, creativity, and the powerful yet often overlooked ability of being present just for you. As well as possessing aesthetic skincare skills she has also trained as a make-up artist. Whether you are looking to attain glowing skin, find a flawless foundation or the perfect brow arch she is there to help you achieve it.


She is thrilled to be joining Brendan at the beautiful House of Vartan! 


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