by Filigree
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Citrus, Green, Spicy, Woody, Agrestic, Balsamic

Earl Grey Tea, Cannabis (does not contain THC or CBD), Tobacco, Incense

Organic Alcohol


James Elliot, Filigree's founder, first heard Vinny when 4AD released his demo on a sampler compilation and later had the pleasure of meeting him when he toured with The Mountain Goats in 2004. He imagined Vinny in the studio with a cup of tea that ran cold as he mixed and engineered the tracks for his album. ALIOTH is a fragrance that lingers its tea & incense notes on the skin, long after the funny cigarettes have been smoked and the studio emptied of musicians and engineers.

Inspired by VINNY MILLER

Vinny Miller is a British singer-songwriter & record producer, once signed to the 4AD label. He first came to musical prominence in 1998 as a 4AD signing under the moniker Starry Smooth Hound, releasing a track co-produced by Guy Fixsen (of Too Pure band Laika) on the label sampler Anakin. Of his prolonged silences, Miller says: “I create when conditions are favorable. That could be soon, or it might be never.”