AMOUR DE PALAZZO Extrait de Parfum - Le Compagnon Natural Spray

by Jul et Mad Paris
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  • Unisex


  • Oriental Oud Leather


  • Top - Four Spice, Clove, Ginger, Pepper, Nutmeg
  • Heart - Absolute of Violette, Atlas Cedarwood, Indonesian Patchouli, Labdanum, Leather
  • Base - Amber, Musk, Animal Castoreum, Oud, Papyrus

Narcotic and irresistible, the fresh, spicy and slightly gourmand notes give way to a heart of harmonious floral, woody and leather notes.  Amber, woods and shadowy animalistic and addictive notes capture a feeling that can't truly be put into words.


AMOUR DE PALAZZO is the third of four chapters representing the true love story and experiences of founders Julien & Madalina. The Inspiration: The first voyage of the lovers as a couple: A beautiful journey in Venice, the romantic city where everything blossomed. The Serenissima Venice - home to a growing passion.  

"It is truly her... her, Venice. The rich perfume of precious wood and leather furniture, shone and polished by passing centuries, mix agreeably now with the pleasant and cocooning fragrances coming from the surrounding gardens, the humidity of the old stone and the lagoon that follows and surrounds us.

We walk aimlessly... Dream or reality? It doesn't really matter... Here we are in perfect harmony, we feel free, free to love each other, free to taste as one the same happiness... free to appreciate the instant... Every single gesture, no matter how simple, is now charged with profound significance."


  • This is, above all, a beautiful love story, the very true story of the two founders, Julien (JUL) and Madalina (MAD).
  • This captivating tale is depicted as an original novel, where fragrant notes replace letters and words.
  • Every chapter composing this magical tale is revealed through an exceptional perfume that captures some of the most special moments in the founders' journey as a couple.  We hope wearing it inspires you.