The Perfect Brow Brush

by Lex and Jong
$ 21.00

If you've worked with different brow brushes, you are probably aware that there can be huge differences in the quality of brow brushes. Despite the angled shape, some are too flimsy for precise application, some don't apply color evenly and some are so stiff, they splatter pigment too easily to areas that are not your brows. The size of most brow brushes are also too small for most brows, creating uneven application. It made it harder for us to do our job so we wanted to do something to fix it. After all, the brows are essential to framing the eyes and creating a finished, polished look to the face. 

The Perfect Brow Brush was expertly designed to allow you the most control when creating your brow masterpiece. Its large, angled head of 100% vegan bristles pick up even pigment and allow for precise definition and control of desired intensity. Whether you are looking to fill in gaps and match your natural hair or create a new shape of ultra-defined brows, The Perfect Brow Brush 01 allows you to easily master the art of arching, defining and filling in less time.  Brush 01 is also effective as an eyeliner brush. 

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