All-in-One Eyeshadow Brush

by Lex and Jong
$ 26.00

Many clients ask, "If I can only purchase one brush or bring one brush with me, which one would it be?" There has not been a perfect answer because it has always depended on specific needs for different looks - until now. Inspired by my clients' needs, I decided to launch this all-purpose eyeshadow brush as one of the first in a line of brushes.

This is the one eye brush you would want if you were stranded on a desert island (in the case you would need to apply makeup on a desert island..because you never know...) or when you are in a rush and don't have time to dig, sort through and switch between several brushes. 

The All-in-One Eyeshadow Brush is expertly sized and crafted to offer precise hair density to allow for detailed definition, highlight placement, smooth blending, and broad base application with intensity.  All you have to do is flip this unique brush in different ways to allow it to work with the different planes of your eyes.

So, if you are asking, " If I can only get one brush for my eyes, which would it be?", this is the perfect answer for you.