Classique Shadow Brush Moyenne

by Surratt Beauty
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Using Japanese handcrafted design, the curved Classique Shadow Brush Moyenne is ideal for laying down even color and controlled placement of color to the eye area. It expertly allows you to properly build color and helps you create everything from washes of color to pigment-packed drama. This medium, hand-crafted, flat brush with tapered round bristles works to lay, shade, blend and define so you do less to get the look you want.


Committed to the Japanese philosophy of monozukuri (craftsmanship), each top-quality brush is crafted from hand-tied, natural fibers by a skilled artisan. Each ergonomic brush is designed to do most of the work for you and help you achieve the most professional, seamless results. 

During the first few uses, some natural bristle shedding is normal. To care for your brushes and maintain their integrity, wash with gentle shampoo at least once a month. After wash, reshape the natural hairs and lay flat on a towel to dry.