GARUDA Extrait de Parfum - Luxury Coffret

by Jul et Mad Paris
$ 530.00



  • Unisex


  • Cambodian Oud


  • Top - Bergamot, Cumin, Orange, Pink Pepper
  • Heart - Cambodian Oud, Saffron, Rhum
  • Base - Amber, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Timbersilk, Vetiver Java, Cashmeran, Vanila, Musk


The splendor and opulence of the great Angkor civilization

The Story: Garuda is a protective divinity, portrayed as part man and part bird in Kmer mythology. Lord of Birds known for accompanying Vishnu et Krishna in their fight against the evil. An impressive number of Garuda sculptures ornate the temples of Angkor ("living" witnesses of the strength and power of the Khmer civilization), the most impressive representation being found in a gallery of Angkor Wat, its bas-reliefs being decorated with dozens of them.  At the sundown, the gallery is bathing in the sunlight, all the statues appearing as covered in gold.

It is this very golden, splendid picture that the perfume "Garuda" is depicting.  The entire composition was built around the gold, with its two facets, so opposed, but yet so complimentary: the cold aspect of the metal is represented here by the fruit and spice combination, especially the pink pepper in opposition, but in perfect harmony, with the saffron and its warmth, the whole sustained by an exquisite accord of Cambodian Oud.


After sharing their beautiful love story, Julien and Madalina unveil another dimension of the couple: their passions and way of life.  A new collection of fragrances inspired by the couple's love for culture: music, art, history, philosophy, all an integral part of their life.

A most beautiful and luxurious trilogy of extraordinary compositions made with the purest and rarest essential oils to express the couple's love and passion for the mysteries and greatness of ancient lost civilizations.


High-luxury collectible with 6-layer lacquer finish hand-made wooden case:

  • Gold metal magnetized closing plaque engraved with the JUL ET MAD symbol
  • Luxurious white satin interior
  • Hidden compartment for the exclusive Nomad Spray decorated with an engraved gold metal plaque.