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Spicy, Woody, Agrestic, Earthy, Amber, Sweet

Ginger, Rosewood, Pepper, Amber, Clove, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Tonka bean

Organic Alcohol


"I often read about musicians that would find their minds overtaken with music they were meant to write. I had never experienced such an occurrence until I began working in perfume. I would be in a moment of total minutiae when I would take a breath and find myself flooded with scents that I could smell but not see.

Incurable is very much guilty of haunting my thoughts. I couldn’t shake oakmoss and clove from my mind, and so I set to work on blending these notes into something new. A strange light beckons the clove and oakmoss into an unexpected attraction. I’ve been told the wearer is drawn by an urge to repeatedly smell their skin after applying the fragrance." -James Elliott

Inspired by PIANO MAGIC

Piano Magic is a musical collective formed in the summer of 1996 by Glen Johnson, Dominic Chennell, and Dick Rance in London, England. Their sound has been described as ambient pop, post-rock, indietronica, dark wave, “arty baroque pop” and “English radiophonic soundscapers.” While the most recent releases have seen them operating with a traditional band format, they originally started their career with the intention to base their recordings around their small nucleus and whoever else would like to contribute. Glen Johnson is the only remaining band member from the original trio.


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