Le Mat Handmade Perfumed Natural Soy Candle - Extremely Limited

by Mendittorosa
$ 65.00
$ 52.00

The special limited edition: Le Mat Perfumed Candle, scented with the first Mendittorosa fragrance from Talismans line. The candle is offered in 200g size (around 40-45 hrs of burning), with natural soy wax, bio cotton wick and exceptional 10% high Le Mat’s concentration prepared especially for the candle by Flair Paris laboratory (comparing – Le Mat Extrait is 20%).

The presentation is truly decorative – made by hand by Alessandro Reggioli, the same Tuscan artist who created Le Mat cap, plate and designed Mendittorosa boxes. It is re-usable, each piece is unique and adorned by red wax stamp – symbol of energy and fire.  Candle is hand-packed in raw fabric, together with signature Le Mat tarot card.

Five stars fragrance according to acclaimed perfume critic - Dr Luca Turin


  • Oriental Floral


  • Top - Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Cloves
  • Heart - Egyptian Geranium, Rose from Grasse
  • Base - Indonesian Patchouli, Cashmere Wood, Spanish Everlasting Flower (Imortelle)

Three key ingredients:

  • Everlasting Flower from Spain: so deep and complex as soul, with hidden aromas of hay, coffee, spices and plum.
  • Centifolia Rose: the trip of Le Mat is an inside journey. Rose is the sensual note of the traditional Chypre perfumes genre. It's a soulful note that encourages you to look deeply into your soul to truly understand yourself.
  • Dried leaves of Indonesian Patchouli: Earthy woody note. Silky patchouli is the base of the Le Mat trip.


  • LE MAT is an invitation to dare, to take risks, to "Leave everything and follow your true self." Evoking the only unnumbered card of the Tarot, LE MAT is an allegory of the soul on a pilgrimage. This soul has no gender, no religion or profession, rather the deep desire to find itself.  The real meaning of LE MAT is The Pilgrim which could represent anyone of us. All the other cards are stops of his trip, of OUR trip in this life. LE MAT is an invitation to walk towards a new destination, only to get closer to the person we are.
  • This is the fragrance of bravery, gumption and change.  With a mantle of nutmeg and black pepper that protects its heart of geranium and rose, the scent unleashes lingering traces of patchouli and cashmere wood.  It's a unique blend of celestial and earthy aromas that instils a sensation of freedom.

"Strike a match and enlighten the path you need to follow." - Stefania Squelia, Mendittorosa Odori d'Anima