NEA Extrait de Parfum - Love Basics

by Jul et Mad Paris
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  • Feminine


  • Gourmand / Floriental


  • Top - Black Pepper, Date, Davana, Palm Leaf, Pomegranate
  • Heart - Dry Plum, Jasmin Sambac, Rosa Damascena
  • Base - Cashmeran, Caramel, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Benzoin, Ambroxan, Vanilla, Musk


Homage to the Golden Age in Byzance. An interpretation of an era of renewal, of luxury, of opulence, richness and veritable Oriental "renaissance" during the apogee of the Eastern Roman Empire.  

"Nea" is the name of a splendid edifice near the Imperial palace, built by Basil I as the tangible symbol of this era of renewal, during the Golden Age of the Byzantium Empire.  Byzantium, at this period, is an apogee of its splendor, a veritable economic, cultural and religious center, impressing the rest of the world by its reaches, its arts and by the quality of life, veritable "douceur de vivre".  

"Nea", composed around a gourmand accord with rich, but extremely refined oriental influences, searches to portray this lost splendor where the time flows slowly, while enjoying fully the luxury and pleasures offered by the Orient.   


After sharing their beautiful love story, Julien and Madalina unveil another dimension of the couple: their passions and way of life.  A new collection of fragrances inspired by the couple's love for culture: music, art, history, philosophy, all an integral part of their life.

A most beautiful and luxurious trilogy of extraordinary compositions made with the purest and rarest essential oils to express the couple's love and passion for the mysteries and greatness of ancient lost civilizations.